Ambatalia Green – a non-disposable life


Ambatalia is a concept of a non-disposable life. Every day people consume large amounts of products that use plastic package. We think it’s a waste.

We think people can live a healthier life without wasting so much polluting material. We think everybody should.

We at Ambatalia aim to create materials and goods that help people save money, save their health and save the living world. Our products have simple yet thoughtfully design and are easy to use.

The main focus of our company is not only lasting functional textiles but also being an eco-friendly manufacturer that supports the philosophy of a non-disposable life.

If you are an eco-friendly blogger and want to contribute to our blog, we’re happy to publish your articles on the related topics like:

  • Zero waste home ideas
  • Environmental benefits of using tankless water heaters
  • How to become a more eco-friendly traveler
  • Anything related to the zero-waste lifestyle, reducing waste, water conservation, and so on.

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