Ambatalia Furoshikis are a simple square kitchen cloth that can be used for a multitude of purposes. Inspired by peoples all over the world using a square cloth to carry personal items. Furoshiki, a Japanese word makes this concept art form. In Holland its called Pungel and India a Potlu just to name a few. This idea is the foundation of Ambatalia.  It's really a way to change the way we think and take action in the world to use less wasteful packaging and plastic, and about how to be resourceful and move towards a non-disposable life.
From using an Ambatalia napkin for carrying a small bowl of lunch, a kitchen furoshiki to carry casserole to a party or gift to a neighbor with a loaf of baked bread, or to use as an apron.  We hope this simple idea brings inspiration to avoid wasteful packaging and plastic bags and most importantly to be creative and have fun.  You can purchase Kitchen furoshiki below.