Bento bags


Ambatalia bento bags are a great household staple for someone that wants to move towards a non- disposable life and eliminate single-use disposables in a beautiful way. We were inspired by the Japanese bento box- because of its utility of carrying a lunch in a reusable box, but also
Japan's deep roots of creating beauty in the everyday humble ritual of eating lunch.
Of course, since bento bags are a simple bag that ties, you can use them for whatever you want. We hope to inspire you to use them for buying grains, pasta, nuts and produce or using as a lunch and snack bag . You can also use as a bread bag for the table, cosmetics, travel, a project bag or to pick up a few things at the market. We do know that when you change a way of doing something, it feels good to do more. Being a part of the solution to keep all living things healthy and happy is moving in the right direction. To find out more about how plastics affect the health of our ocean life, people, and planet . Please go to 5 Gyres to learn more.
Best to keep a few Bento bags  in your shopping bag, car, and home for easy use.



Designed and manufactured in California.