cloth dish covers

cloth dish covers

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Ambatalia cloth dish covers were designed as another alternative to wasteful single-use disposables. You can cover a bowl of salad or pasta to take to a gathering or store a few things in the fridge. The covers are two layers of fabric to keep smells out and while not air tight they work well to keep items fresh.

The Basics set comes with five different sizes, the largest fitting a pie plate or casserole and smallest, mason jar. Comes with a cloth envelope to store them in. Materials included in Basics is grey and red ticking, Nordic blue chambray, linen and recycled.

In the Kala material there are three cloth lids per set. The largest size is a bit larger then the largest lid in the basics set and so on- eliminating the two small sizes. Materials included in Kala are Indigo stripe, Iron stripe and variegated stripe. Cloth lids comes lined in natural linen and comes in cloth envelope for storage. 

SHIPPING: Please allow us one week to ship. We are a small business using local production. We appreciate your patience and support. If you do need it quickly feel free to send us a note. 

CARE: We recommend cold water wash and line dry for the conservation of our environment and fabric longevity. It's okay to use warm water and low heat tumble dry.

We don't use any plastic in the shipping of our products and use 100% recycled shipping materials. They can either be composted or recycled.

Thoughtfully designed and ethically manufactured in California. 

Designed and manufactured in California.

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