Best places to buy yarn and knitting supplies online – Ultimate guide on yarn stores

Best Place to Buy Yarn Online

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about yarn and this article is going to go over what is the best place to buy yarn online. I’ll tell you what I think the best yarn for the quality and price is and the different kinds of yarns I bought in different yarn stores. And also my thoughts on them.

So, what is the best place to buy affordable yarn online? Here’s the list:

  1. Amazon – best place to buy red heart yarn online
  2. Knitpicks – it’s a match for their brand fans. They have very good fiber of all types and colors
  3. Nobleknits – free shipping and easy returns.
  4. Fabulous Yarn – nice search filter and a lot of options
  5. Other online yarn stores (still recommended)

Best place to buy yarn in bulk online – Amazon

So the first thing is when I started knitting which was about 5 years ago. All my yarn has been accumulated in about 5 years so I’m a little bit obsessed. I started with Red Heart Super Saver yarn. This is a yarn you can find in Amazon (like I did) or in the department stores. It’s very-very cheap. This one on the left was like seven dollars for this whole skein.

However while this yarn is great to learn knitting on, it’s not very soft. If you make an item it does can get those little pills on it. It gets kind of fluffy and it doesn’t keep very well.

It’s not very warm.

It’s not a natural fiber. This kind of yarn is best for amigurumi projects (for those cute little stuffed animals that people make).

It has a really good shape. It holds its shape well. It’s really good for possibly a kid item that you know it’s gonna have to be washed a whole lot that you may not be worn a whole lot after the kid gets older. However for something I make for myself or for something I make for a friend I don’t use this yarn anymore just because it’s not a very good quality.

If you want to know what kind of yarn is best for baby blankets, go check out our guide.

Anyway, we’re talking about stores, not yarn itself, right? So one of the best places to buy yarn in bulk is a department store like Walmart. It’s a bit cheaper than online (sometimes a lot cheaper). But it really depends on what we call “bulk”. Usually, you only can buy in bulk if you’re the yarn store. So if you have any friendly yarn shop, you may ask them to sell you the yarn. If we’re talking about at least a bag of 10 skeins, you may ask for a good discount. Just ask.

But if you buy less than 10 skeins/balls of yarn, nobody will sell you at a wholesale price. You’ll have to make a regular order.

Amazon is great too, but in my experience, it doesn’t have wholesale prices for bulk orders. You may need to contact the seller and ask for a discount, though. What Amazon is good for is buying the best interchangeable knitting needles.

Knitpicks – the best store to buy yarn online

Now the next yarn I found on the internet and it’s from This is where I buy basically 90% of my yarn. I’ve got only two boxes that don’t have any Knitpicks yarn in it the rest is all Knitpicks.

I’ve tried a lot of different knit picks yarn. I know what I like now and I know what I don’t like. I know the pros and cons of knit picks yarn. I can kind of get a good idea of what I’m gonna get when I purchase from them. They only sell on the internet and then they have like one offline shop but it’s in like Wyoming or something.

Knitpick has every different type of yarn you could want. They have:

  • alpaca blends
  • a hundred percent wool
  • washable wool
  • cotton yarns
  • acrylic yarns
  • different weights of yarns
  • every color under the rainbow that you can imagine

When I first started buying from Knitpicks I decided to buy like six colors: one skein of six colors just to see what the yarn was like, how it felt. I started off with their wool yarn. Worsted weight is what I bought first.

Their worsted weight yarn comes in 50 grams or 110 yards skeins and they have like every color under the rainbow. I just made my rainbow crochet mitts out of Knitpicks worsted weight yarn.

I like the way the yarn fills very soft. It has an extremely good drape and I can use this for a hat. I’ve used it for fingerless gloves. I’ve used it for scarves. So I’ve tried their wool worsted weight yarn and I’ve also tried their fingering weight wool yarn which is called pallet. It’s super colorful.

The pallet yarn comes with 230 yards or 50 grams.

  • Available color range – you can get all the colors you need from one site
  • Very affordable
  • Prompt shipping and easy returns – I’ve never had a problem with any of my orders
  • A lot of the natural fibers
  • Undyed wool available (you can dye it yourself if that’s your thing)
  • When I’m shopping on a knit picks the colors on my screen aren’t exactly close to the colors that I get

Knitpicks yarn is the best kind of yarn you can get for your money. It’s not the highest quality but it’s definitely not “Walmart yarn”. It’s amazingly soft and versatile and able to be used for any project and it’s very very affordable. For the quality being medium and the price being low I think it’s amazing.

Their schemes of worsted weight wool yarn is about $2.99 a skein and if you want to buy the machine washable yarn it’s about a dollar more – like $2.99.

Their whole website is like really amazing to look at and I always want everything.

Nobleknits – top site to order yarn

I personally never bought from this store but people in knitting groups on Facebook often recommend it. It even has its own online community which is by the way very friendly. The service is outstanding. If your order doesn’t exceed $40 you can count on fast shipping at absolutely no cost.

I mentioned the community. It’s also great! Especially for beginners. There you can get knitting tips, techniques, tutorials and news as well as free patterns.

  • Free shipping for orders below $40
  • Easy returns
  • Friendly community
  • Not found

Fabulous Yarn

Perfect online store for beginners to research on yarn brands or choosing knitting extras like patterns, bags, needles in different materials and so on. It has convenient navigation if you know what you’re searching for. And intuitive structure if you’re just lurking around looking for fancy stuff.

By the way, you might want to check out our guide on the best yarn for baby blankets!

Love Crafts

Love Crafts (previous LoveKnitting) is more of a content website rather than an online store but they do sell good yarn. The website serves as a perfect guide for different levels of knitting skill. From the very beginners to advanced knitters. It has lots of useful educational materials for knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc.

And it also has a store.

See the red button called SALE? That’s it.

Very often they offer 30-45% discounts on some brands, so you might want to check them out.

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